About Rae'Kwon

Voted "Most Artistic" in High School, Rae'Kwon has always had a passion to create. Whether it was a backdrop for the elementary school play or a portrait of his loved ones as a gift, he could always be found creating. After attempting to obtain his bachelor's degree in Biology, then Political Science, then Criminal Justice, he was finally led to start Graphic Solutions By Rae'Kwon in 2018. Since then Rae'Kwon has been privileged to work with clients across the country.

Taking online courses and continuing to learn from design greats every day, Rae'Kwon continues to gain design knowledge and sharpen his skills. Graphic Solutions By Rae'Kwon currently offers flyers, motion flyers, t-shirt designs, and more in hopes of bringing quality, affordable work to every client he comes into contact with.